Burn Permits

This page provides general information and highlights of the adopted rules for open burning in Eudora, KS. It is the responsibility of the person or entity conducting a burn to ensure compliance with ALL applicable rules and regulations, including those that may not be listed on this page. The full adopted text of the Code of the City of Eudora, Kansas can be accessed using the link below.

Burn Permits

Burn permits may be obtained during normal business hours at the fire station (930 Main Street in Eudora, KS). 

Permits are only issued when conditions are favorable for burning. Once a permit has been issued, it is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure all applicable rules and regulations are followed, and that conditions remain favorable for the burn. Failure to follow required rules and regulations for open burning, or burning in unfavorable conditions, may result in a permit being revoked and/or a citation being issued. 

When is a burn permit required?

A burn permit is required for all open burning within the city limits of Eudora EXCEPT:


Open Burning in Eudora, KS - General Information


Enforcement & Penalties

The Fire Department, the Police Department, and/or the Codes Administrator may conduct inspections of outdoor burning activities.  Upon request, permit holders shall provide a copy of their permit.  For life, safety, or health reasons, permits may be revoked, and in such cases the permit holder shall surrender the permit and no reimbursement of the fees for such permit shall be had. All outdoor burning shall otherwise be conducted in conformance with the adopted fire code of and for the City of Eudora. The Fire Chief or their representative shall have the authority to declare burn bans within the City limits.  No permits will be issued during burn bans. 

Open burning without a permit, failure to conduct open burning in conformance with the requirements of such permit, and/or failure to prevent the spread of a burn shall be, upon conviction thereof, punishable by a fine of an amount set by resolution of the governing body.

The currently authorized maximum penalty for fire code violations is $500 per violation daily until corrected. Citations issued by the fire department include a MANDATORY court appearance.